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Internet Stones.COM Media established by Dr Shihaan Larif is the most authoritative and popular website in the field of Famous Diamonds, Gemstones, Pearls and Rare Minerals. It has been quoted, referenced and linked by Forbes, Bloomberg, Guardian (UK), Rediff, The Star (Canada),JCK etc.

Our website has been well received by our visitors, who spend a lot of time on our site reading our interesting articles. Our traffic has touched around 100,000,000 hits or over 10 000,000 unique visitors per annum making about 1.3 million pageviews per annum, mainly from United States, United Kingdom, India, Canada, Australia,  Germany, France and other European countries, and Japan. The United States alone accounts for about 30% of our visitors.

Majority of our visitors are targeted visitors, including visitors from Hollywood, Las Vegas, New York, Florida and other cities in the U.S. and other international gem and jewelry markets in the world such as London, Paris, Geneva, Amsterdam, and Antwerp in Europe, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, and Singapore in Asia, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane in Australia, and Johannesburg, Cairo and Casablanca in Africa,  who appear to be scouting for information on diamonds, gemstones and jewelry, before making a final purchase.

Our website is also frequented by professionals and experts in the gemstone, diamond and jewelry sectors. We are in the process of continuously updating our website, in order to provide the information our visitors are keen in finding out.

According to the renowned firm, Alexa an Amazon owned internet traffic ranking firm, this website is among the top 0.1% of the most visited websites in the world.


Media Mentions

We are proud to have an extensive gemstone and diamond reference database that has been quoted by many well known news agencies such as Bloomberg.

Media Mentions:

A comprehensive list with url's of all our media mentions are available and can be sent by email to propective advertisers.

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Our traffic has touched around 100,000,000 hits or over 10 000,000 unique visitors per annum making about 3.3 million pageviews per annum.

Browser Types:  Internet Explorer 49.15%, Firefox 36.94%, Safari 7.33%, Chrome 4.14%, Opera 1.41%
Operating System: Windows 85%, Mac 10%, Linux 5%
Screen Resolutions: 1024x768 32.58%, 1280x800 21.26%, 1280x1024 11.55%, 1440x900 9.22%, 1680x1050 5.73%
Connection Speeds: Cable/DSL 70%, Corporate 18%, Unknown 7%, Dialup 5.7%

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Our popular news section is always kept updated with the latest news in the diamond, jewelry, watches, gemstone and mineral industry from around the world.

It is also indexed by most of the popular news aggregators such as Google News, as press releases.

Most of the visitors to our news section are individuals (including professionals) in the diamond, jewelry, gemstone and mineral industry from around the world.


Reference Database

It is the most popular and comprehensive database on famous diamonds, pearls and gemstones on the internet.

It has also been quoted by popular media firms from all over the world, which include Bloomberg New York, Rediff News India and SiDE 2 TV Norway.

Here are the links to the popular media websites which have quoted us:

Bloomberg New York

Quoted on the 4th paragraph of the article below:

Rediff News

Internet Stones.COM has been quoted as reference in each of the following articles on Rediff News.

i)The Hope Diamond

ii)The Dresden Green Diamond

iii)The Agra Diamond

iv)The Mouawad Lilac Diamond

v)The Eureka Diamond

vi)The Indore Pears

vii)The Steinmetz Pink Diamond

viii)The Lesotho I Diamond

ix) The Ahmedabad Diamond

x) The Mouawad Splendour Diamond


Jewelry Blog

This is a very popular Jewellery Blog with galleries, latest trends etc.


Forums and User Blogs

This is a forum where leading experts from all over the world on diamonds, gemstones and minerals meet.


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