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Welcome and thank you for your interest in creating a blog on Internet Stones. COM.

Please take a moment to review these "Terms and Conditions"  . Failure to understand and follow these terms and conditions will result in your blog being banned.

1) Please do not submit duplicate content to our directory. Duplicate content means an article (Word for word) that have already been put  by you on other websites or your website.

  • This is for your own benefit, because if you copy and paste what you have already put up anywhere on the net your article/ blog will not be indexed by the search engines and therefore you will not benefit from creating this blog.

  • This duplicate content problem can be easily solved by simply rewriting the article so that it will not be exactly word for word like the articles/ information you have put up elsewhere. In other words for your article/blog to be indexed by the search engines you will have to make it unique.

  • Search engines take duplicate content very seriously, because if they provide the same search result page from different websites to a user during a single search, the user will get irritated and use a different search engine.

  • We use state of the art software at COPYSCAPE.COM to automatically scan the web for duplicate content pages, if we find out that your blog contains  duplicate content we will be notified automatically and your blog will be banned, after a manual review. For more details go to COPYSCAPE. COM


2) Only users who have a lot of unique content and post regularly are allowed to put affiliate links/advertisements to other websites.

Users may also upload photographs of products for sale eg rough gemstones, minerals etc.

The idea here is being creative in promoting your business. We want to help you, but if you make it a SPLOG (Spam Blog) by putting duplicate content and lot of get rich quick links, we are left with no option but to ban your blog.


3) Create an "About" page with your real name.


4) We do not accept porn and illegal articles/blogs that do not fall under the Minerals and Jewelry category. eg you can NOT start a political blog or a photography blog.


5) Do not submit duplicate content within pages of your blog.


6) You may start a blog in the following feilds: Jewelry, gemstones, minerals, watches, diamonds, mining of rare minerals, precious metals, celebritiy fashion clothing and jewelry, designer wear eg clothing and handbags.

Happy Blogging !


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