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Welcome and thank you for your interest in submitting your website to the directory of Internet Stones. COM.

Please take a moment to review these "Rules and Guidelines"  for submission of your listing to our directory. Failure to understand and follow these rules and guidelines will result in the rejection of your submission.

1) Please do not submit duplicate content to our directory. Duplicate content means a company/individual listing description (Word for word) that have already been put  by you on other websites/your website.

  • This is for your own benefit, because if you copy and paste what you have already put up anywhere on the net your listing will not be indexed by the search engines and therefore you will not benefit from the listing on our website.

  • This duplicate content problem can be easily solved by simply rewriting the description of your listing so that it will not be exactly word for word like the listings you have put up elsewhere. In other words for your listing to be indexed by the search engines you will have to make the description unique.

  • Search engines take duplicate content very seriously, because if they provide the same search result page from different websites to a user during a single search, the user will get irritated and use a different search engine.

  • We use state of the art software at COPYSCAPE.COM to automatically scan the web for duplicate content pages, if we find out that your listing is a duplicate we will be notified automatically and your listing will be deleted. For more details go to COPYSCAPE. COM

2) The title of your listing should be straight to the point.

  • Do not use ALL CAPITAL letters in your title.

  • Do not use promotional language in your title.

3) Your description should be as detailed as possible. Even 500 or 1000 words are welcome. The more detail your company profile is the more likely users will click through to your website. Your description should provide details of your services or products offered by you.

  • In respect of the length of the description of your services/company profile we are different from other directories on the net. Other directories  do not publish more than a few words of description but we can list more than 1000 words if you decide to put up a detail company profile.

  • Do not use any HTML tags on your description.

  • Do not use ALL CAPS in your description.

  • Avoid capitalizing every word in a sentence.

  • Avoid using promotional language and strings of key words and search terms. Words and phrases like "cool" and "best darn site" will be removed.

4) Please check to make sure that this is the single category that you think your site should be listed in. If you search for the best category to list your site and submit it, your listings are more likely to be approved.

To submit to a category, first you have to open the category page where you want to be listed then you click the suggest listing bar on the top of the page.

5) Please note that we only accept sites that are based on the Mineral and Jewelry Sector . If your website does not fall in the broad categories listed in the home page of our directory, than your listing will not be accepted.

6) Do not add mirror sites.

7) Do not submit any site with an address that redirects to another address.

8) Do not submit sites "under construction."

9) Don't submit sites consisting largely of affiliate links. 

10) We do not accept porn websites/websites that contain illegal material/Websites that do not fall under the Minerals and Jewelry category.

11) Do not submit the same site to more than one category, it may result in the deletion of an already existing listing.

12) Do not submit plagiarized sites/ websites that violate copyright laws.

13) Please note that only good quality websites will be listed in our directory.

  • We do not offer any form of paid listing because we don't want to be biased. However due to large number of submissions and insufficient editorial staff it make take two weeks to many months before your listing appears on our directory.  Please bear with us.

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